Once you purchase your photo booth, you are going to have questions; and not just a handful. You are going to have a ton of questions.

I consider myself tech savvy, but never would have guessed I would have had as many questions as I did.

I think the one thing that people don’t place a value on is customer service. We say we place a value on it, but do you really?

Let’s be honest. All photo booths, take pictures, can use a green screen and for better or worse are about the same price. Sure there are some some really expensive booths and some really inexpensive ones, but really, they are all about the same price. The one thing I saw right before we made our choice was Tu.

Tu is not a business owner but really a person that cares. He is in the business of event planning, and has learned a ton from being in your shoes, conducting events. We were deciding between two photo booths. Again, they were about the same price. The night we decided to go forward with Tu, I read a review that said something to the fact of his communication and the ease in which it was to get a hold of him. Working with Tu is like working with a friend. He has answered texts, emails and phone calls. He has interrupted business plans and vacations for the sake of helping us to get off the ground.

I believe that customer service is everything. You may be able to purchase an alternate photo booth, but what you are missing out on is simply put, Tu. He is a kind-hearted person that takes the time to listen to your questions, answers them clearly and helps you to maximize your impact at your events.

I can’t say it enough Tu is the difference in your decision. Let me make it easy for you. Choose fotopod for the amazing Photo Booth, the quality of the experience, the amazing features and most importantly, for Tu.

You will have questions, whether you think you will or not. Tu is a true pioneer in the field, who is making it possible for people to create memories.

My company thanks Tu and his team for exceeding our expectations EVERY TIME we reached out to him. Tu is approachable, reasonable, thoughtful, and a person you can rely on. If you are looking for a partner to help you maximize your potential, then look no further.

I wish we knew about fotopod sooner. If you are like me, stop looking elsewhere. Stop comparing models. Start your business with the best in the business. Thank you Tu. We love your products and appreciate all your time and efforts.

- Eric Lang - (Geaux