T      he second thing that blown me away was the quality of the lighting. I had seen many others photo booth companies pictures and it was the first time that I found an excellent lighting system that was soft and made people look really beautiful. As a professional photographer, I am extremely sensitive to light quality and I couldn’t imagine having bad lighting with my photo booth machine! Fotopod Booth was also mastering lighting techniques!

So I gave a look further to the website and I discovered that the talented designer was also a Photo Booth event company owner! It is something really unique in the Photo Booth industry today, and I can say now that it is also a force. What best innovations possibilities than a Photo Booth designer in direct contact with Photo Booth customer’s expectations?

I was really excited and I decided to contact Tu (the owner). We talked a long time with Skype (I’m in France and he is in US) and I decided to buy one of his Photo Booth.

A few weeks later, my Photo Booth arrived, I was so happy! It was really a very good Photo Booth system with high quality materials. You know that you can trust your Photo Booth machine and that it will always be here for you!

2 months later, I bought the inflatable tent system, not one of the copy you can find in China, the original one with excellent led lighting system with iPhone Wi-Fi controller. When used with the awesome designed Photo Booth, the “whoa” factor is always present for the customers!
6 months later, I invested again and I bought a mini Photo Booth system.

Now I would like to talk a little bit about Tu. To be totally honest, I was a little bit doubtfully, could I trust one person that runs at the same time a photo booth rental company and a Photo Booth production company? His website, made also by himself was not looking like all the others Photo Booths companies. Now I understand why : It’s because Tu is not like anybody else.

He’s a unique genius photo booth designer always listening to both his photo booth events customers and his photo booth products buyers.

When I contact him, he nevers sleeps (we have 9 hours jetlag). He is always designing a new Photobooth, creating new accessories, inventing new lighting schemes or reinventing backdrop stand. He’s awesome! I really love that.

He’s so passionate about what he does, he is for me the leader of this industry!

Trust me, you can trust Tu!

So if you want to have the best products and be able to innovate and stay far beyond your competitors, buy at FotoPod Booth! (just my 2 cents) ”

- Bruno Mayor- (France) Professional Photographer (Pixmebox)