Do you ship to the UK and is the system compatible with UK electrical differences?

Our inventory is currently 110v systems, but we can outfit the Fotopod
models to fit your UK 220v outlets no problem.
We ask roughly from 1-3weeks to ship to your location.

Our patent-pending inflatable enclosure design only takes about 2 min
to inflate and deflate. We have battle-tested our booths in all our current
photo booth events without a hitch. Did you know our very first event-ready inflatable
booth was built almost 2yrs ago and it’s still up and running with no issues!
Now that is a huge return on investment!

We believe in safety first, and our product and materials is of the highest-quality
and backed with a 90 day parts and labour warranty!
Our dynamic wifi-LED lighting system is also backed by a 2yrs parts
and labour warranty as well!

However, what makes our system different from all the cheap knock offs on
the internet is that Fotopod is built from the ground up to be used in a
photographic environment. Basically everything works and fits together
seamlessly…meaning the materials, internal wiring, blower,
and dynamic LED lighting system all work together to give you a
clean, sturdy, and professional setup.
The whole enclosure booth setup, including the side LED lights and aluminum internal
pole structures, fit into a 52″x12″x12″ traveling road case on wheels!
(Also included in the full price package)

The other road case shipped will be the latest Fotopod machine v2.05,
and will come complete with a HUGE 24″ high-brightness, sunlight
capable touchscreen monitor, and all the necessary lighting (professional
F&V ring light and body panel lighting) and fanless
intel i3, 8GB ram, 128 GB SSD mini-pc computer with 6 USB ports built in!

All you need to get started is a DSLR camera, and printer!
It will come preloaded with trial versions of Darkroom Booth(Photo Booth software)
and PicPic Social (Social media uploading software). We can also support this software
if you do choose to go with it.

Since you already own your photo booth company, there really is no learning
curve. Actually, everything from setup, to functionality to breakdown will be easier
and faster. We can also supply you with a few non-branded Fotopod booth photos
that you can add to your website so you can start “wowing” your clients and start
getting increased bookings right away.

You can still use your existing printer and DSLR cameras with our setup.
Video is definitely supported with our Fotopod system. By using the continuous
lighting paradigm, photos and video can now concurrently use the same lighting
setup! No need pull out your studio strobes or mess with external flash settings.

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