Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your photo machine have two monitors on either side?

One monitor (touchscreen) is used for the participants to control and view while inside our Fotopod Booth and the outside monitor (live-view) is a mirror feed display of what’s also happening on the inside.

The live-view monitor can also go into screen-saver mode and is capable of showing a slideshow of the most current photos.

Is your Fotopod Booth safe?

Yes. It is made from PVC-coated oxford cloth, is waterproof, flame retardant, tear and stain resistant.

It’s supported by an internal metal structure.

Should I go with an open-booth or enclosed-style booth?

Did you know Fotopod offers both?!

Since today’s trend seems to be open-style photo booths, we asked ourselves why should we even bother with an enclosed or semi-enclosed photo booth. Well, we quickly learned from our experiences that enclosed and semi-enclosed types of photo booths offered participants a sense of self-disclosure, personal intimacy, and private freedom. Simply stated, the guests tend to “let loose” in these types of photo booths.

So, we took this into account and incorporated this concept into the design of our Fotopod “enclosed” Booth. Our design serves two purposes. First, it creates a visual barrier partially hiding...

Do you ship to the UK and is the system compatible with UK electrical differences?

Our inventory is currently 110v systems, but we can outfit the Fotopod
models to fit your UK 220v outlets no problem.
We ask roughly from 1-3weeks to ship to your location.

Our patent-pending inflatable enclosure design only takes about 2 min
to inflate and deflate. We have battle-tested our booths in all our current
photo booth events without a hitch. Did you know our very first event-ready inflatable
booth was built almost 2yrs ago and it’s still up and running with no issues!
Now that is a huge return on investment!

We believe in safety first, and our product and materials is of the highest-quality
and backed...

Why should I buy into your system?

We are the original inflatable photo booth company! Look around online and you will see that there are many knockoffs popping up on ebay, and in China. We are constantly getting oversea vendors stealing our ideas and images, and pawning it off as their own product. To put it warmly, it’s a very competitive world out there, where global information is just a click away. We are doing our best to protect our own intellectual property, and we truly thank you for your understanding and support! We hold a patent-pending design on our inflatable booth system, and we highly discourage going down...